Thursday, April 4, 2013

SAQA Benefit Auction Donation for 2013

Onions Galore will be my donation for the SAQA Benefit Auction this year. It is from a small watercolor made a couple of years ago. It was really fun to turn this little piece into a 12" x 12" quilt.

This auction raises money for SAQA to support a number of art quilt exhibitions around the world each year. Last year over $60,000 was raised by selling these little quilts. They are sold in a reverse auction starting at $750. Each year there are quilts sold by artists who get more than that for their small work. The final amount is $75. Artists donate hoping their work will sell for a goodly amount.

Many wonderful quilts are donated each year, and I think they get better and better each year. Some are already up on the SAQA website and this year looks better yet.

Here is Onions Galore. Hope the hand stitching of the stem and the roots shows up well.

Would love to get feedback on the piece.



  1. It's just lovely. Your hand stitching is hard to see as so many pieces of this kind of art are so much richer to view in person. As always I just love your style, the background stitching and the watercolor's layered transparency seems perfect to capture the essence of onions. I may have to bid this year, but I'm sure yours will go to a high bid. Congrats and good luck in the auction. Nancy

  2. Thank you both, for the kind comments. Nancy, click on the photo and it will enlarge. I think you can see the hand stitching then.

    Do check the pieces out for a bid. There are some great pieces that go for $350 and less.

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Yes, the stitching -- hand stitching and machine quilting -- shows up very well. What a beautiful rendition of your water-colour! And as usual, I envy your 'eye'. I'm sure this one will sell quickly in the auction.

  4. Jenny, thanks! It would be a nice addition to your collection. Nancy

  5. I love everything about it. I always love the complimentary combination of orange and blue and you got the hue of the shadows just right. The flowing lines of the echo quilting give it a wonderful movement. They make the onions dance.

    1. Regina, Thanks, I disliked orange for some time but have also come to love the orange blue combination.

  6. It's a lovely little piece.

    I didn't know about the charity auction and it's awesome that such a fantastic amount can be raised through artist's generosity.

  7. While the amount raised by this auction is terrific, another even more fabulous one is Quilts for a Cause. Virginia Spiegel has raised something like a half a million US$ for breast cancer research with the help of artists donating work. Sometimes it has been many artists, sometimes invited celebrity artists making donated works that are auctioned off. What quilters can do when someone organizes us, blows me away.