Saturday, July 23, 2011

From Inking to Construction

Progress on the commission for CMC-Mercy is continuing.

Once the commission piece is inked, then I pad two sections - the forward leaf and the berry - to give them more dimension.

Careful basting is critical. You can see one of the pins that I used in the pin basting before the hand basting. Next I will stitch around the leaf and any details that I want to have less depth than the others.

This technique is called trapunto and leaves some areas raised and with more prominence.

After completing the trapunto, then I will put together the inked top, a wool batting from Australia, and a commercially printed backing fabric. These will be carefully basted -- first with pins, then by hand stitching.

After basting, the next task is to find the threads that I may use in stitching the piece. The basket below contains the threads that I will select from in stitching. Often, I find that I have to buy additional thread. Not a problem!!