Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kousa Berry Details

Having inked the leaves to the design, I return to the berry to add details that will bring it alive. So often the intricate details in nature add the touch of authenticity and the eye of the artist.

The Kousa berry has wonderful details that are both organic and geometric in nature.
Since I am completing this part of the design prior to berries ripening, I collected a number of photographs of ripe berries to use in designing the berry details.

The first photo is of the details for the stencils for the berry. I often make a second set of stencils to add details.

The second photograph is of the details on the fabric. More detailing will be added in the stitching process.

The entire top has been stenciled. Now I will go over each part to see if additional details need to be added to increase the balance and to make sure the image conveys what I have planned.

Next steps in the process- such as two different forms of basting the top layer, the batting layers and the backing fabric - while essential to the quality of the finished project, are not very visually interesting, so I will be blogging less about the steps until I get further along.