Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why I Work with Fabric and Thread

Last year I began pondering why I work with fabric and thread as opposed to paint and canvas - to me it is all about the texture that results from the stitching process. To read more about this pondering, please check out my earlier entry. You can see the entry here that goes into details.

These two photos tell the story for me. I love what the quilt line does, and the extra dimension that is created with stitch and threads. To me, the image comes alive with the stitching.



  1. Nancy,

    Your stitching is truly what gives definition to your pieces. I find that I want to run my hands over your quilts because of it. It is the same for me. The quilting is what defines the "quilt" and makes me want to stay with the medium.

    Nancy T.

    PS I am loving watching the progress on your commission piece.

  2. Thanks, Nancy T.

    Glad you are enjoying the progress on the commission piece. I just finished pin basting it. Now on to the thread basting by hand. Then I can quilt.