Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creating Depth in a Quilt - Part II

My second choice in creating a quilt, is to choose the fabric that will go with the design. I use hand-dyed fabrics from Heide Stoll-Weber for their subtlety. This piece was cut from a larger meter of fabric. Getting the courage to cut into her luscious fabric was one of the big challenges for me.

I choose this piece of fabric for the fall leaf color at the top that will imply additional leaves in the background. And the warm pink tones at the bottom will hint at the red rose hips. I also like the light area that will allow me some clear colors on the rose hips.

Next I begin choosing colors for the design. Given how well this piece of fabric conveys the season and mood that feels right, I will go with natural colors.



  1. I'm still excited about seeing this progress. Thanks so much even for giving us insight as to your choice of fabric(s).

  2. Robbie, thanks so much for your encouragement. Hope that the next postings will be helpful.