Monday, January 3, 2011

SAQA "This is a Quilt!"

Happy New Year to all!!

Last November I had the opportunity to collect specimens for upcoming quilts. I plan on blogging on the process of creating a small, 9 x 9 inch piece for the Studio Art Quilt Associates exhibition, "This is a Quilt!".

Each of the pieces will be matted to a 8 x 8" opening and put into a traveling trunk show to demonstrate what is being done with quilts today.

This a photograph I took of a specimen of rose hips and some distressed leaves. Note the one undeveloped rose hip nestled close to the upper leaves.

Below is the design that I have created on freezer paper. I cropped closely to make it more dynamic and to produce the square format required for the exhibition. I will cut templates from the freezer paper to allow me to apply the design on fabric with inks.

I will post progress on the piece as I work. Please let me know if you find this interesting.

One of the first issues that I need to identify is what elements of the design need to come forward and what elements need to recede. This helps with choosing colors, and specifically in determining value and warmth or coolness of colors chosen. We will look at my choices next time.

First of all, the red hips are round with some wrinkles on them with dark centers.
One hip is in front of the other and is throwing a shadow on the hip behind.
The undeveloped hip's stem is in front of the stems for the other hips.
The three leaves at the top overlap each other, so the front leaf will need to come forward and the smaller middle leaf will have to drop behind the other two.
And there will need to be clarity in the leaf combinations on the upper left.
The undeveloped hip has a folded leaf on the front side of it, that will need to show the fold.

I have some challenges in front of me. I hope you will keep tuned to see how I resolve some of these issues - or if I can.

Happy quilting!!



  1. I look forward to follow your steps in this process, thanks for sharing!

  2. How exciting to be able to see your progress and learn from you! I read each post and sometimes reread (since I don't retain info the first time!). But that's just me! Thanks again and look forward to this piece!

  3. Hi Nancy, YES! I find your descriptions of process extremely interesting. I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the possibilities and techniques available, so your descriptions are very helpful.

  4. I especially enjoy reading about the progress of your art and the thought process! It's a great help to me as I attempt to work on my own pieces. I love seeing what it is that you're considering as you work and how well thought out it all is!

  5. Oh, Nancy, this is so exciting to read and see how you work through the decisions to create your beautiful works...thanks so much for sharing this with us. Eagerly waiting for the next post!

  6. Ladies, thanks for the encouragement. I will continue this series. I have been taking photos as I worked on the new piece and stopping to articulate to myself what I am doing and why. Most interesting, usually the process is less left brained thinking and more just doing from the right brain. So this will benefit me as well.

    Again, thanks for reading and the kind words.