Sunday, January 2, 2011

Update: Alternative Color Wheel Options

Turns out that my color wheel is so old that it is not available. Of course, the tool is so useful that a variety of newer ones are available. A little Google researching turned up a variety that are available. Here is one resource.

I liked the Rainbow color wheel a lot for selecting fabrics and identifying colors in a fabric. And I think I made get the shaded color wheel. Often the shaded colors are the ones I find the most difficult to identify. Don't know if this difficulty is the result of my aging eyes, or a lack of good color sense, or I am still learning. Hope it is the latter.

If you look down on the linked page, you will several options, including options for aid in mixing colors. Your local art supply and quilting shops are good places to look for color wheels.

Thanks for reading, and my next post will be on Color-Aids one of the best tools that I have for complex color decisions. And they are still available.


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