Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creating Depth -- Part III

The first step in creating depth is in the initial design work. Overlapping images is a very basic tool that those of us with Western art perspectives probably all understand how to interpret. Eastern art uses different techniques.

In this case the left rose hip is in front of the right rose hip. At the top right, the leaves are on three slightly different levels, the larger left leaf is in front, the partial leaf in the right corner is between the top left leaf and the lower bottom leaf.

Since this photo was taken, I added a small leaflet onto the front of the underdeveloped rose hip.

As I work with the inks, I will need to remember which leaves are in front, and consider how to make the leaf on the undeveloped rose hip appear to be in front of the hip.

The colors I choose can either make the image confusing or carry the initial design forward.

If you are an abstract artist, this may seem like it does not apply to your work, but it helps to know what makes areas move forward and move back in the visual plane so you can choose what you want it to do in your art.

Next time we will look at color choices and how they change the depth perception.



  1. Can't wait for the next lesson!!! I'm hooked!

  2. Robbie, thanks, will post another soon. Nancy